Tom Gaumer
And you continue to hide behind the generalities of
Wed Sep 4, 2019 19:49


no testimony by the telegrapher or the gun clerk and ignoring anything else that might reflect on the questions.

And we are both happy. Sounds good to me.

Keep Laughing

  • You are just repeating yourself. (nm)Jeff Morey, Wed Sep 4 07:36
    • And you continue to hide behind the generalities of — Tom Gaumer, Wed Sep 4 19:49
      • Incomplete casesBen Harleman, Wed Sep 4 21:30
        Hi Tom, I've always regarded the cases as incomplete, due to the fact that both sides were probably keeping their powder dry in case they went to a full trial. I'm not applying this to any specific... more
        • I think you are right and it makes dealingTom Gaumer, Wed Sep 4 21:57
          HI Ben with some of these issues difficult to impossible as we just can't know everything about their positions and tactics about a possible trial. Keep Laughing Tom
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