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Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 5)
Sun Dec 3, 2017 11:57

Part 5

When the Armor of Christ Scholarship reception was finally over, in mid-afternoon, Tami and her friends, walking out to the portico and hoping for a leisurely walk back to the dorm, found the air much colder and the wind blowing.

"Oh Jesus!" Jen said.

"Shhh!!" Tami said, half giggling. One shouldn't take the Lord's name in vain with so many evangelical Christians about. She was so glad to be out of there, so glad the embarrassment of spread-out exposure was over, that she was kind of giddy. Back among friends.

Jen looked up at the white sky. "Looks like snow."

"Eeek!" The naked girl gasped as the suddenly icy wind stung her breasts. "Let's go!" The three ran out along the path, aiming for Pilgrim Hall, halfway across campus. Jen carried the umbrellas. As they ran Marisol couldn't help but grab her breasts to keep them from bouncing painfully up and down, not very successfully since each was way more than a handful. And Tami, hunched over, arms crossed over her bare nipples, kept laughing and shouting, "It's c - o - o - o - o - l - d!! Aiaiaiai!!" Her feet slopped in a mud hole and got covered with black goo. Playfully, she jumped in a little fountain to kick the mud off, saying, "Water! Cold! Cold! Eeeee!" They were back at the dorm in record time, bursting through the doors, panting gratefully in the warmth of the lounge.

They stomped upstairs and Tami headed straight for the showers. A moment later people passing by in the hall heard the spray of hot water and a girl who sounded like she was having an orgasm, saying, "ohhh . . . ahhh . . . yes!" They knew it was just Tami, getting all the mud off and enjoying the blessed feel of hot water on her defrosting skin.

. . . .

On campus there is never anything to do on Sunday night. It is the pit of the week. So in Room 207, Pilgrim Hall, there were seven bored 18-year-old women hanging out, on beds, chairs, on the floor, making jokes about the dining hall food they'd just consumed, and talking about this and that.

Jen and Tami were at their desks in the middle of the room, facing each other. Sitting cross-legged up on Terri's bunk was Dawn, a kind of granola-head nose-ringed girl from Wellesley, Massachusetts. Next to her, in flannel shirt and jeans and stocking feet, was Rebecca, a local girl who was "into Jesus". Sitting on the floor in her pajamas, leaning against Jen's lower bunk, was Marisol. Across the room on Tami's bare bed was Mayree, a heavy-set black girl in a T-shirt and sweatpants; and Shenille, a tall, regal black girl in silk pajamas, playing with the ends of her extensions which had somehow gotten unraveled.

Tami, laughing nervously at Jen's account of the scholarship reception, was leaning over her desk, trying not to let her breasts show. Her legs were together, half-hidden under her desk.

"Yes the clanky rusty armor of Jesus awards," Jen said . . . "Sorry, Rebecca."

Rebecca shrugged tolerantly. "Just because it says, 'Lord, Lord', doesn't mean it is Lord." This puzzled some of them.

"It's all those pompous white man beards on those portraits!" Jen said. "Ever been there?"

"Yes, for a prayer meeting," Rebecca said.

"Where's this?" Shenille said.

"The Joshua Campbell Center," Marisol said, drawing her knees up to her chest. She liked this position; it gave her breasts support. "It's that little stone thing connected to Old Main, near the chapel."

Jen looked at Tami and said, "I can't believe you did a split right in front of that guy's portrait." She turned to the others as Tami forced a smile. "Right under that chandelier, she went upside down and spread her legs so wide he could see right into her woman-land, right down inside her, her open woman cave, all lit up bright and pink! Tami's insides are as beautiful as her outside!"

"Oh, Jen," Marisol said, hiding her eyes. "Toooo much information!"

Jen was undeterred. "I wonder if old Josh " -- with her hands she drew her face into a long, downward-inspecting frown -- "if he could move his face, what he would be like" -- she didn't move her face now except to bug out her downward-looking eyes in surprise. Even Rebecca had to laugh at that one.

This banter was interrupted by the blast of grainy snow against the big bay window. It was dark now, a short December day, and with the light on in the room they couldn't see what was going on outside. "Oooh," Tami said, feeling a draft on her bare hip. She reached over, hoping no one outside could see, and tightened the old-fashioned iron casement window by turning the crank.

"Winter's blast," Dawn said. "The earth goes to sleep."

"Our first winter up here," Mayree said. They were all freshmen. "C - o - l - d!"

They watched as another blast hit the windows. Because the lights were on in the room they couldn't see out. A couple of them rubbed their clothed shoulders. Tami scrunched up and rubbed her bare shoulders, with genuine fear.

Now the strains of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" from down the hall. "Oh Christ not again!" Jen said. Bailey, a dippy white girl at the end of the wing, with an equally dippy roommate, had been playing the same CD for a week. It seemed to have only four songs -- Rudolph, "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas", "Jingle Bells" and "White Christmas". She kept on even in spite of the blistering, though jokey, protests on the message board on her door. "Rudolph needs a nose-ectomy!!" Jen had written. "I'm dreaming of a BLACK Christmas!!" Mayree had written. But Bailey just erased the messages and kept on playing the CD. They knew she would keep this up right until Christmas break, two weeks away.

A knock on the door. "Come in!" Jen said. It was Wanda, their R.A., trying to be nice. "Hi guys, how's it?" She seemed aloof to them, but seeing her unforced smile, maybe they had been wrong. The emotion she aroused in Tami, of course, was quite different. The naked one's heart was in her mouth. Now what?

Tami realized that, leaning over her desk, legs underneath, clutching her shoulders, she was betraying modesty. With great effort she straightened up, thrust her breasts out, and turned her chair outward, casually yet deliberately opening her legs just so. With even greater effort, hiding her cringing shame, she met Wanda's gaze evenly with a smile. "Hi, Miss R.A."

"We're going into the second week of Rudolph saturation," Jen said.

"Well, babies, it's not hurting anyone. And Bailey's a good kid. . . mind?" She was toting the weekly campus paper and sat down at the end of Tami's bed, next to Shenille. She showed the appearance of a motherly presence, as their R.A. and the only non-freshman there. "Can't get those to work?" she said to Shenille, referring to her unraveling extensions.

"No, damn," the displaced African princess said.

"Let me try," Mayree said. As one black girl helped tie the another's extensions, Wanda said to the rest of them, "Welcome to the north country winter." She hopped up and turned off the light. This made the wintry scene outside visible, though they could see only what was illuminated by the light posts on the campus path, themselves blurry in the white noise of the snow. There was an inch or two on the ground and no one was out there. Wind picked up and it sounded like sand hitting the window.

Tami tried not to look. She knew Wanda was doing this for her benefit, showing her the horrors of having to go out there naked. Another attempt to get her to crack -- to admit that nudity was not really her religion, that she had been streaking on a dare. Which would result in expulsion. Tami bit her lip and looked down at her flexing toes framed in front of Mayree's socks in fluffy slippers. Well, if it's me against Wanda, I'm going to win. Or at least that's what she told herself.

Then as if to torture her more, Wanda said, "Oh I forgot Rebecca, you're a native. What's the record cold up here?"

"Twenty-seven below, near Grafton," Rebecca said. "Back in 1973. My uncle was living there then. He said no one could start cars, even after keeping the battery inside. Everyone just stayed inside until the snap was over. Babies got born in houses."

It was Dawn who finally said the obvious. "Tami, I admire you! How you're going to survive running through that snow all winter, I don't know."

"Oh I just know Tami will survive," Jen said, smiling and mischievously nuzzling Tami's bare toes under the desk with her heavily stockinged feet.

"People can run outside naked in hundred degree below weather, you know," Wanda said.


"There's this guy Professor Kurilenko, in the anthro department," Wanda continued. "Tall shaved head guy, ever see him around?

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