Re: Miss Barbara
Fri Sep 6, 2019 04:42

is she really a good disciplinarian? I am looking for someone to help me.

  • Miss Barbaraflightless19, Tue Apr 24 02:07
    Miss Barbara is a gem! Her spankings are so thorough and genuine,she's helped me out with that a couple of times. Even though it's online,she really makes sure to send the message home.
    • Re: Miss Barbara — Anonymous, Fri Sep 6 04:42
      • Miss Barbaralaura23 984, Fri Sep 6 23:58
        Seriously she is. I know she give online punishments if u not in UK but I am and had my ass busted 3 times by her. She sure takes no messing but if you are serious she is the best. she is strict but... more
    • selfiesKellyBelly, Tue Apr 24 08:27
      Ah. I've done self-spanking before, but for what I need right now, I really need in-person. It's not so much for discipline, but just what I call "therapy..." Letting out pent-up emotions that will... more
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