Sun Jul 19, 2009 09:12


We have a similar elderly lady in our co-op (she rents) who had many cats. We don't have a rule limiting the number of cats but it was obvious from the smells that she was having trouble caring for them well.

The various 'extra' cats were parceled out to good homes within the co-op and she is down to 3 or 4. I am not a lawyer however my personal opinion is that no Judge would throw out an elderly lady for this rule especially is the cats are being well maintained and existed previously.


  • Harassment: Rent control/pets vp, Wed Jul 15 06:48
    Anyone... Last year we passed new house rules that will limit the number of anamils to three... but we have an elderly, rent-controled tenet who has about eight-nine cats. There have never been any... more
    • Pets Steve-Inwood, Sun Jul 19 09:12
    • Pet policies CDT, Thu Jul 16 07:23
      Assuming that the cat lady has owned her cats for a long time, the Board is completely in the wrong. Rent control isn't an issue. Once a tenant has openly owned a pet for three months, there is... more
      • Pet follow-up CDT, Thu Jul 16 07:28
        Responding to my own response: It looks like there's one provision in the Pet Law that might be of use with someone who has a jillion cats:... more
        • Pet law and nuisance gluegirls, Tue Jul 21 01:16
          You are on the right track CDT. You can file a complaint with 311 for unsanitary conditions such as smells, improper disposal of waste etc. They actually send an inspector around to investigate We've ... more
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