Sherlock Holmes
Overlooked building security?
Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:36

While most buildings have open houses on a frequent basis I do have a concern regarding the property I live in. What/if any, policy can one put in place regarding brokers and open houses as my concern is that they have readily access/perform a walk through of all areas of our building,(storage areas, swimming pool, gym etc). While I do understand potential purchasers need to see these areas how can we make sure the areas are not being "cased out" so to speak. How can we protect ourselves as a Coop.
sincerely S.Holmes

    • We do not permit an open house of any type at any time for any reason. Hence, no issues, no folks wandering about, no security concerns. When showing an apartment either the seller must be present or ... more
    • Building security TD, Mon Apr 5 17:05
      In a building that I manage all unit owners/brokers have to register their open house with management. We ask for the broker(s) name(s) and that is given to the door staff along with the notice of... more
    • Re: Overlooked building security? NYC RM, Mon Mar 22 10:29
      An open house means the potential buyer gets to look at that apartment that is listed and scheduled for an open house. They should not be wondering your building without management/board approval.... more
    • OPEN HOUSE Larry, Mon Mar 22 05:17
      We do not allow OPEN HOUSE. No one is allowed in without the broker or the owner. No posting of signs on polls etc.
    • Open house Anonymous, Mon Mar 22 03:38
      This is no doorman building. We get management to bring in security during the hours of open house. All sign in and the seller has to pay the Co Op for this service.
      • Re: Open house escapefrmyonker, Sun Mar 28 13:11
        there were quite a few postings on curbed about people going to open houses and stealing from the seller. They were now instructing sellers to put any jewelery, watches , any thing small in a... more
        • Brokers Nick, Sun Mar 28 13:21
          I never really trusted brokers to begin with. LOL Nick(ed)
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