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The War for Truth - That turned into a CyberWar



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The final pieces of the Fake Russian Story are about to hit. June is apparently D-Day for the Dems In 1944 the NAZI Empire Began To Collapse when Allied Troops landed in France In 2019 on 6 June NAZI Forces within America will begin to collapse as their crimes are exposed for all to see. Pray President Trump has the... more
  • US Congress Demanding War Escalation In SyriaWilliam Mount, Wed May 22 06:36
    The world needs to know Weeks After A Nuke Was defused Several Blocks Away form The Halls Of Congress While They were All In Session ---- Congress has gone absolutely MAD Bonkers Crazy Bat Sh.. Crazy In a letter to President Trump 400 Members of Congress have demanded that President Trump keep our troops in Syria and... more
    US Govt Is Here To Kill Us - world WideWilliam Mount, Tue May 21 07:08
    Whether we like it or not 5G is Here Despite Court Orders and common sense we are all about to be blasted by Killer 5G Waves. In this video we discuss where 5G is and where it is going this year and where it is likely to head. We also discuss ways to avoid these Killer Microwaves Since all of the money for the nation... more
    Lefty Governor Lies Again For MoneyWilliam Mount, Tue May 21 04:41
    He Lied He Stole He Laughed At the Worthless DOJ America As She Collapses 65,000 Nukes and We Allow America To Collapse ================================== Are all Democrats Stupid Or Are The Alien Puppets Controlled By Some Evil Force? Yesterday, with a straight face, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State once again ... more
    Storm Across USA Wiping Out CropsWilliam Mount, Mon May 20 06:17
    There is a huge storm now hitting America that is wiping out our crops. Hail Stones, Tornadoes, and massive rain and lightning now hitting the heart of our farmland - form Nevada to New York, form North Dakota to Southern Texas These storms are now traveling world wide to hammer crops all across the planet What we... more
  • Each week we will do a Company Review. This week we look at Immusust.com The company make one product and one product only - a surfactant almost identical to that boiled out of kelp. With this product we have completely reversed: 1) Cancer 2) Autism 3) Heart Disease 4) Stroke Damage 5) Brain Injury as the Brain... more
    The Great Trump Dump Into Sanctuary CitiesWilliam Mount, Sat May 18 05:01
    President Trump is now dumping over 1,500,000 Illegal Aliens into Sanctuary Cities Across America New York City, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, etc..... "You Lunatic Liberals Want Them So Badly - You Can Have Them So - As The Diseases Spread Into The Elites - Watch What Happens Here They Are Video:... more
    Trump Cries Treason As Barr Bears Down On DemsWilliam Mount, Fri May 17 05:19
    As President Trump is crying Treason US Attorney's General William Barr is bearing down on those who have committed Treason Apparently the Comey/Hillary Pack of Rats knowingly began the Russia Gate Spying Campaign on Amerivan Citizens knowing the charges were fake This Amounts To Treason. In other news the US Violated ... more
    Trump Declares yet Another State Of EmergencyWilliam Mount, Thu May 16 06:34
    Yesterday President Trump declared yet another "State Of Emergency" - this time covering Electronics. Apparently after investigating what we stated he found out we were right - every piece of US and European Hardware used by the US and Euro Nations has a back Door and can be shut down by China. Further - the Huawei... more
  • We do not know exactly what happened but President Trump was coming over a bridge and 4 Louisiana State Troopers are down - On the ground - prostrate. That is all we know. President Trump's Limo was untouched and he was unhurt. 100/100/10/1 - This Was The 1 we warned him about this Friday - 5 days ago And we warned... more
    Like most of our videos - the title does not do the video Justice due to the suppression now being created by Google and You Tube Elitist Lucifarians. the core of the video deals with the Indictment and Laws pertaining to the arrest of Obama, Hillary and their staffs. If down correctly people will not walk in 2-3... more
    Rain Water World Wide Now Toxic - Thanks NASAWilliam Mount, Tue May 14 04:40
    Our rain water is toxic - see for yourself. Since 1978 We have studied Acid Rain created by burning Oil and Coal for power. The Effects have created a huge ecological crisis world wide. We put out video after video on now to reverse the effects so as to eliminate Tree Diseases, and improve agricultural production... more
    Hillary & Obama Shown Guilty Of TreasonWilliam Mount, Mon May 13 06:29
    The latest evidence arising from various reports clearly show that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not only guilty of Lies and Murder, but are also guilty of Campaign Financing Laws and Treason Yes - Treason. Whether they will actually be arrested remains to be seen. their Underlings - those who created the... more
    Hollary 7 Obama Proven Guilty Of TreasonWilliam Mount, Mon May 13 06:28
    The latest evidence arising from various reports clearly show that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not only guilty of Lies and Murder, but are also guilty of Campaign Financing Laws and Treason Yes - Treason. Whether they will actually be arrested remains to be seen. their Underlings - those who created the... more
    Who Owns You - Is Freedom An Illusion ???William Mount, Sat May 11 05:22
    Who is it that Really owns you Your body, your soul and - your very essence For thousands of years the King claimed to own your very essence - you belong to him and him alone. In 1789 the "united states of America" was formed and we owned ourselves - free men. Then in 1971 President Grant sold our nation to the... more
    Putin Anxoiusly Awaits Trump's martial Law?? MaybeWilliam Mount, Fri May 10 06:03
    President Putin and his staff are anxiously awaiting President Trump to declare Martial Law Not only must President Trump face worthless US Government Agencies but treason within the wall os the White House The President is not obeying GOD and therefor those committing Treason surround him just like GOD said would... more
  • Garbage Gate & Intel ReportWilliam Mount, Thu May 9 04:14
    Thanks to some very industrious Garbage Men the Contents Of President Trump's The Entire New US Middle East Peace Plan Was Leaked To To An Israeli News Paper Wait until the rest f Garbage Gate is leaked - Whoooo eeee!!! Kudos To The Garbage Men (Obama 1,2, 3 & 4 never threw away any readable notes) We shall see where... more
    Guess What's About To Go Away?William Mount, Wed May 8 06:24
    President Trump has infuriated the Democrats in yet another move to preserve America In a strong move - President Trump Has: 1) Signed an Executive Order that is not being carried out in any Left Wing Libtard State that forces those on Welfare to work if they can work. Welfare is not for those who have babies - but... more
    Prep For Massive Money Printing World WideWilliam Mount, Wed May 8 04:11
    It was announced a few days ago that the way out of this high Deficit is to continue with the massive printing of Paper Money world wide. The idea of any kind of "Economic Reset" ended. What this means is that we will return to High Inflation world wide and the wealth that YOU have stored will simply vanish as prices... more
    Meet Our Real Big BrothersWilliam Mount, Tue May 7 06:20
    You will find in hard to believe - but there is a real company that acts like Big Brother It is located in Palo Alto, California Their Patents through he Rose Law Firm And Hillary allow them to monitor and control your every action. They even control the number of people who come to this Blog Site and what stories you ... more


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