a Trillion Story
Thu Apr 1, 2021 14:00

The pyramids were built brick by brick, piece by piece. So too are individuals. Each brick of experience is laid down on top of another with all the concomitant labour and suffering. Civilization was built by laying one brick on top of another and so on and so forth for generations and ages. Each age is built on top of another like an unfinished ladder that stretches and bends upward toward the heavens. Society constructs itself in the same manner. With each new rung added we take a step closer to the ledge that our ladder leans up against. One day we will reach the top of the ledge and look over. Perhaps, we will see another set of eyes staring back at us. Perhaps, we will see nothing at all. Perhaps, the logic-defying physics of the ladder is merely a product of our collective imagination...

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    Alpha... Delta... Gamma... Everybody’s smoked.