Re: Old posts missing - forum 226190
Sun Nov 8, 2015 06:58

If the lease had lapsed at any point, we would have trimmed the oldest messages. I was able to find messages dating back to early 2008.

As long as the lease does not lapse, we back up all the messages on a daily basis.

  • Old posts missing - forum 226190j.stimson, Fri Nov 6 16:41
    The oldest posts on my forum are missing perhaps the first 5000 or so. Why are they missing? Are these retrievable? Is it possible to archive the balance of the posts? Thanks John Stimson
    • Re: Old posts missing - forum 226190 — Tamara, Sun Nov 8 06:58
      • Old posts missing - forum 226190j.stimson, Mon Nov 9 09:33
        Hello Tamara, The forum goes back to November 7 2004. I believe I have renewed my subscription timely since I first subscribed because I wanted to eliminate the ads and wanted to retain all the... more
        • Re: Old posts missing - forum 226190Sean Brunnock, Tue Nov 10 07:18
          We no longer offer unlimited messages. The backups were taking too long. I'm afraid we can't recover your missing posts. I can email a link to you where you can download an copy of all of your... more
          • Missing postsj.stimson, Tue Nov 10 10:04
            Hello Sean, E-mail me the link to where I can download a copy of my remaining posts. SQL is fine. It would have been nice to know that you were discontinuing the unlimited posts. I do understand the... more
            • Re: Missing postsSean Brunnock, Wed Nov 11 09:47
              I apologize for the lack of notice. It was a rushed decision in order to fix the backups and the majority of DiscApps were unaffected. The DiscApps are backed up to multiple servers at multiple... more
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