Missing posts
Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:04

Hello Sean,

E-mail me the link to where I can download a copy of my remaining posts.

SQL is fine.

It would have been nice to know that you were discontinuing the unlimited posts. I do understand the backup time issues. I have experience with old reel to reel backups which were a lot slower than the later dat drives. I suppose today it would be to another set of disc drives.

John Stimson

  • Re: Old posts missing - forum 226190Sean Brunnock, Tue Nov 10 07:18
    We no longer offer unlimited messages. The backups were taking too long. I'm afraid we can't recover your missing posts. I can email a link to you where you can download an copy of all of your... more
    • Missing posts — j.stimson, Tue Nov 10 10:04
      • Re: Missing postsSean Brunnock, Wed Nov 11 09:47
        I apologize for the lack of notice. It was a rushed decision in order to fix the backups and the majority of DiscApps were unaffected. The DiscApps are backed up to multiple servers at multiple... more
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