DiscussionApps Are Shutting Down?
Sat Mar 30, 2019 19:46

Is this really true? This is sad news. Will they no longer be accessible?

Are there any good alternatives?

    • Shutting Down Discussion Apps Forums?????Cathryn Peters, Tue Apr 9 14:25
      Whaaaat? Why weren't we notified of this? If I hadn't posted about some help I needed on my board I wouldn't have had any idea of this plan to shut down Your Disc Apps Forums. Where and when were you ... more
    • Re: DiscussionApps Are Shutting Down?Tamara, Tue Apr 2 07:11
      It is true. When we shut the server down in October, they will no longer be accessible.
      • Re: DiscussionApps Are Shutting Down?Paula, Sun Apr 7 20:51
        Very sad news, you are the best; old-school pure. I hope for the best for you and Sean. Always, Paula http://disc.yourwebapps.com/Indices/104917.html
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