Sean Brunnock
Download your DiscApp
Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:31

If you go to your admin page, there are links to dump your DiscApp and another to download it (if there's a dump).

Let us know of any issues!

    • Quick question about dumping disc appErik_, Tue Jul 9 23:31
      Just wanted to ask the following before clicking the dump link. Clicking to dump the disc app and download the data doesn't close the current message board, right? I would like to download an archive ... more
    • OK, i got it to work using a text Infama, Tue Jul 9 05:58
      file reader. Thanks for all! I have run a forum here since 1998! All good things come to an end, I suppose. Norman
    • you will be missedpaula nigro, Mon Jul 8 14:45
      Dear Sean You, Tamara and your classic forum design will be greatly missed. You were from the honest days of the Internet. Now for the most part it is all Surveillance-Capitalism Have a great new... more
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