Sean Brunnock
AOL is blocking us
Thu May 16, 2013 09:27

Details can be found at .

This is my #1 priority.

  • AOL subscribersSundayDreams, Wed May 15 10:45
    All AOL subscribers are gone from my list, including the few I have in my name. When I try to add my AOL names again, I do not get the confirmation Email ....I forgot to add my ID # 86967 in my last... more
    • AOL is blocking us — Sean Brunnock, Thu May 16 09:27
      • More infoSean Brunnock, Thu May 16 10:34
        AOL is tagging messages that use an address as the "From" address. They started blocking our messages on the 14th. Still working on this.
        • You can post complaints hereSean Brunnock, Fri May 17 08:17
          AOL has a blog post mentioning their changes- You can post comments.
    • Re: AOL subscribersTamara, Thu May 16 07:27
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking in to the problem to see what is going on and hope to have an answer soon.
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