Sean Brunnock
New server
Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:51

The ListApps are now on their own server.

The admin pages are protected with HTTPS encryption.

Messages will be sent to individuals rather than grouped together. This will make it easier for folks to unsubscribe and also for us to process spam complaints.

Please let us know of any issues.

    • Re: New serverrsimpson, Fri Jul 5 03:02
      Sorry - I forgot to remove the bracket from the front of each of those lines of text. So here's my question again: I don't use a simple URL to send messages to the folks on my list. I use a form:... more
      • Re: New serverTamara, Fri Jul 5 07:20
        It has already been changed on your Admin page. You can copy and paste the update form from the Admin page or you can edit the URL in the form you included in your post.
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