Re: Subs list
Tue Aug 13, 2013 21:39

What is your ListApp id number?

You cannot see pending subscriptions until they actually verify.

  • Subs listumar1khan, Tue Aug 13 06:24
    Hi, When I download the subscribers list I get a different list than I can see on screen. Is this because the list on screen includes those who have not verified their accounts?
    • Re: Subs listSean Brunnock, Wed Aug 14 06:37
      The onscreen list will show some duplicate subscriptions while the downloaded list contains no duplicates.
    • Re: Subs list — Tamara, Tue Aug 13 21:39
      • Re: Subs listumar1khan, Thu Aug 15 17:10
        • Re: Subs listumar1khan, Fri Aug 16 14:35
          sorry 84064
          • Re: Subs listumar1khan, Thu Aug 22 11:48
            Hi Any joy with this? I don't understand why my download doesn't include all the email addresses?
            • Re: Subs listTamara, Fri Aug 23 10:49
              I just checked the download list against what you see in the Admin page. The download list is not in date order like the admin list and does not contain duplicate email addresses. Other than that, it ... more
              • Re: Subs listumar1khan, Sat Aug 24 04:37
                Thank you - seems to be working fine...not sure why I thought the list was different before.
                • Re: Subs listcrestcondominium, Fri Feb 28 10:45
                  My site http://www.thecrestcondo.com.sg do not seems to be working
                  • Re: Subs listTamara, Sat Mar 1 17:18
                    No one is subscribed to your ListApp.
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