webmaster 402
problems with the archive
Sun May 11, 2014 09:28

hi all,
my archive seems to be having problems, when people click on a newsletter they get a "page not found" notice, same as with the post on facebook that I just activated
did anything change on the settings that I need to update or the problem is on your side?

    • problems with archive remainwebmaster 402, Sat May 17 11:13
      hi all, my problems with the archive of my newsletter remain: the search of the archive still responds with a "page not found" warning the facebook situation is fixed and by clicking you are... more
    • Re: problems with the archiveTamara, Mon May 12 06:55
      Could you give us the URL of your archive so we can look in to it? We have corrected the Facebook issue.
      • Re: problems with the archivewebmaster 402, Tue May 13 17:24
        Hi Tamara, the URL is http://mail.yourwebapps.com/archive.cgi?list=65673 thanks for looking in to it
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