Sean Brunnock
Re: List of WebApp Discussion forums
Thu Nov 5, 2015 09:18

First, you're talking about DiscussionApps. This is the support board for ListApps. The support board for DiscApps is at .

We see that you've been removed from DiscApps 39627, 55668, 206425, and 239395.

Regarding your situation. It appears that AT&T has classified as a spammer and automatically tells us to remove their customers' email addresses.

There are 2 solutions. One, you could try contacting AT&T and tell them to whitelist (IP addresss or you could switch to a different email provider. We abide by all industry standards for sending non-spam email. All of the subscribers are confirmed subscriptions and all of our messages are SPF and DKIM compliant. Personally, I find it easier to switch email providers. I like Google's Gmail the best.

Good luck!

  • List of WebApp Discussion forumsJerry Lobdill, Tue Nov 3 15:33
    Somehow my subscriptions to three discussion groups were terminated. I have resubscribed to two, but I canít remember the name of the third. Can I get a list of the discussion forums?
    • Re: List of WebApp Discussion forums — Sean Brunnock, Thu Nov 5 09:18
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