maybe it's ok this way
Wed May 24, 2017 06:28

OK - I just looked again and maybe it's really ok this way? As long as it is discernible and clear it doesn't matter to me what the color is. I just wish it were easier to manipulate the page's appearance but it's been this way for 17 years so I should just leave it alone.
Thanks for your help

  • Re: yellow textTamara, Tue May 23 14:39
    I fixed up the HTML errors I spotted in the prologue. I hope it helps.
    • maybe it's ok this way — RONELLE DELMONT, Wed May 24 06:28
      • Re: maybe it's ok this wayTamara, Wed May 24 06:53
        There was a missing closing </font> tag. I've closed it so the color shouldn't carry on to the date/time.
    • yellow text still thereRONELLE DELMONT, Wed May 24 06:18
      Hi Tamara The yellow text for the dates and times is still there any way of making it black again?
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