Anthony Kane
Response to your article
Tue Apr 17, 2018 14:45

I've changed my email address and log in with my new email address yet I get "Response to your article" emails still going to my old address?
This address will be closed at any point so I only know about the response as I still have it on my PC and phone until it is cancelled.
Can you please help explain this?
My old email address is but I have changed it to or at least I log in with this address.
Why is this happening?
Many thanks,

    • Re: Response to your articleTamara, Fri Apr 20 21:52
      The email address on previous posts does not change when an email address is updated. The new email address only receives responses on posts made after the change.
      • Re: Response to your articleAnthony Kane, Sat Apr 21 06:19
        The posts I have created are when I have logged in with my updated email address under and even logging in via Facebook that too is with yet my responses come to my old... more
        • Re: Response to your articleTamara, Sat Apr 21 10:40
          Try it now. We believe we figured out why it was not recognizing the email address change.
          • Re: Response to your articleAnthony Kane, Sat Apr 21 17:11
            Great it works. I got this response in my Outlook account and not my old Ntlworld account. It was strange earlier as I resubscribed again to updates entering my and yet the... more
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