Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the DiscussionApp

Where is my maintenance page?

You can enter your email address in the form below and a message containing all of your maintenance page URLs will be delivered to you.

You can also enter your email address and password on the WebApps Control Center and you'll get a page with links to all of your maintenance pages and modification times as well.

How do I create my own DiscussionApp?

To set up your DiscussionApp, please fill out this form and submit it.

You can change any of this information later on if you wish.

Name (of your discussion)

Your personal information will not be disclosed as per our Privacy Policy.

Please bear in mind that use of this service is subject to our Terms of Service.

This is a free service. You may pay as little as $5 per month to remove any advertising.

I can't remember my password.

Enter your best guess when asked for your password. If you're wrong, you'll get a screen with a button to mail your password to the email address of the forum's administrator.

How do I delete messages?

Log into your maintenance page, and click on one of the Edit Articles buttons at the bottom. Click the check boxes for articles you want to delete. Be careful to only choose articles you want to delete. When you're set, click delete.

Can I run advertising on my DiscApps?

If you wish to run commercial ads on your DiscApp, you will have to lease your WebApp from us.

How do you offer this for free?

We are able to keep this a free service through advertising. When you and your visitors click an ad that provides the money that allows us to offer this service at no cost.

How can I appoint a moderator?

From the DiscApp maintenance page, click the "Change Passwords" button and you will see two sets of password boxes. Set a password in the moderator section and then give the designated person the moderator URL and password. This will allow the moderator to edit and delete messages. The moderator cannot access any other administrative controls.

Why is the IP address visible?

It's a case of cutting down on abuse. Since visitors see that their IP addresses are recorded, they think twice about posting a harassing message. Premium DiscussionApps have the option to suppress the display of IP addresses.

Someone is posting nasty messages on my DiscApp!

Go to your maintenance page and click on the "Edit Messages" icon. Select the abusive messages and then press the button labelled "Report as Abuse". The messages will be copied to the DiscussionApp Abuse Database. You should then delete the messages from your DiscApp and don't acknowledge them! Abusers crave attention. Don't give it to them.

If the abuser persists, then you should contact his ISP and show them copies of the messages. Visit the DiscussionApp Abuse Database and do a search for the abuser's messages. You can plug in the appropriate values for DiscApp ID # and IP address. On the resulting search page, you can copy the URL in the address bar and send it to the ISP. Be certain that you include which timezone the recorded dates and times are in. You can use the Sam Spade, Spam Hunter service to track down the offender's ISP. If you send a complaint to an ISP, please cc .

You may also block an IP address from posting by entering the IP address on your maintenance page. To access this feature, click the security icon (padlock).

How do I delete a DiscApp?

DiscApps are removed from the server after 12 weeks of inactivity (no new articles and no administration).

What if I can't find the answer I need in the FAQ?

Visit the DiscussionApp Support Forum. If you can't find your answer, post a question and it will be answered either by our staff or other DiscussionApp owners.