Davidís Nashville Recommendations
Thu Apr 23, 2020 18:14

i think robert's western world would be the best place to go.

that would be on lower broadway bt 4th and 5th downtown.

on the same block there's tootsie's layla's and legends.

those are the main places i used to go. no cover so you

just figure which one has the band you prefer to listen

to. its alway good to get down there earlier than later.

roberts actually owns the nashville palace which is

near your hotel and has some good music there

for being in an area cut off from the rest of town..

also out there

is the ernest tubb record store

the opryland hotel is worth a walk thru for the spectacle

of a plantation house on steroids. WSM broadcsts live from there

and you can watch the djs thru th glass wall.

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