Re: From #199610
Thu Jul 16, 2015 07:03

DiscApp 199610 loads quickly on both my computer and IPhone. As far as we can determine, the new server is faster than the old server. I would need to know what OS and browser he is using to cause the issues you describe. On the iPhone, there is only a banner ad and he would need to click it to be redirected to the App Store. There are no auto redirects.

  • From #199610Huinesoron, Thu Jul 16 04:48
    We've just had a query which seems like it might well be connected to this, so I'll copy it across to you: I've been struggling with the Board in recent weeks and I'm curious to see if anyone's... more
    • Re: From #199610 — Tamara, Thu Jul 16 07:03
      • Re: From #199610Huinesoron, Fri Jul 17 04:03
        Tamara, Thank you for the prompt response. Apparently the slow-loading has been going on for months, so it's definitely not the new server; our current thinking is that it's tied to the adverts. To... more
        • Re: From #199610Huinesoron, Tue Jul 21 02:38
          Well, that's awkward. I've tried it twice now. Can I send the issues we're having with adverts by email to the support@yourwebapps.com email address? I don't want the problem to end up going... more
          • Re: From #199610Tamara, Wed Jul 22 07:54
            So far, I haven't been able to replicate any of the issues your visitor describes. It would be helpful to know what browser (type and version) and what OS this is happening in.
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