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Doodle Mom Carol Fri Nov 29 06:23
Sean Brunnock Wed Oct 23 13:11
If you go to your admin page, there are links to dump your DiscApp and another to download it (if there's a dump). Let us know of any issues!
nrcbtm1 Thu Oct 24 15:38
Since you are shutting down, any chance I can get a copy of all the articles on disc=240409? Or at least a complete list?
DiscApps User Thu Oct 31 02:54
Since DiscApps is shutting down, I'd like to know if there are any similar forum sites. Similar in the way of simplicity and being able to post without needing an account or a login. All the other forum hosting sites look very bloated compared to ones like this and also require users to login to post. Any suggestions... more
ddandemann Fri Oct 4 04:57
Hi - Since I read that is pulling the plug in October2019 I'd like to request a data dump of board 245772 TGP/SP&G be e-mailed to me. I am sure you have a ton of requests! Thank you in advance! and thanks for the forum for so many years.
New Jersey Thu Oct 24 15:38
Can you create new web app until October 2019? If so, how? Scott
B.J. Tue Oct 15 04:49
My very popular history discussion board 39627 has been used for 'product placement' advertising. This guy owns a "Old West Magazine" and although he makes history posts on my board, he is using "Old West Magazine" in the author field instead of his name. He has generated significant magazine sales for profit. He is... more
paula n Wed Oct 23 14:57
I hope Sean and Tamara are simply retiring and that nothing serious has happened. I looked at Sean's personal site and read this notice: "We're very sorry that, after 22 years, we'll be shutting down the DiscussionApps on October 31, 2019. We've been very happy to have provided this service and we wish you luck with... more
Cathryn Peters Sun Sep 29 08:40
Shawn and Tamara, So sorry to hear in this off-handed way (reading a bit from another person's post) that the DiscussionApp Forums are all closing down sometime in October. Hopefully, you will be making an official statement to all the admins of the forums so we all know exactly what is happening and why, and have... more
Mondo Fuego™ Wed Sep 11 07:19
Blondie. Thu Oct 17 16:17
Is this really true? This is sad news. Will they no longer be accessible? Are there any good alternatives?
Sean Brunnock Tue Oct 15 04:50
Should be fine now.
Cathryn Peters Tue Oct 8 15:42
Hi Tamara & Sean, It's been three years now since I asked for a data dump for my Chair Caning Forum at #220033 and I could sure use a current update, please. And is there anything in the works for being able to post photos on our boards? This is a critical issue with my members since Facebook makes it soooo easy to... more
Sean Brunnock Thu Jul 18 03:25
This site was inaccessible from 12:40pm - 3:10pm today (July 6). I'm not sure how this happened. We'll keep an eye on things.
Headmaster Brockert Thu Oct 17 16:18
We would like to have a datadump of our boards for archival purposes. We have a lot of boards, however, so I hope this is possible. The boards we would like to archive are: 226262 228628 226287 226283 226309 226312 226308 243615 246196 226292 226288 226289 246198 244183 233883 226297 226285 226310 226290 245670 226284 ... more
Headmaster Brockert Sun Sep 29 08:37
Due to the oldest messages falling off the ends of our most active boards, I am interested in getting a datadump to all of the ones in my account. We have a lot of boards, though, so can I request it for all of them, or do I need to specify which of them I want the most?
Michigan Wed Jun 5 04:42
Hi. I keep getting email notifications about the replies to my posts, how can I unsubscribe to email notifications
Hogarth Sun Sep 29 08:38
Hello chums, I've just learned, more or less by accident, that the lease for my DiscApp 1219695 expired on 08-Mar-2018. There was a brief delay because your notification went to an older email a/c which currently sees litle use. Although I've now paid again, when trying to update the address associated with my... more
Patron of the Forest Inn Sun Sep 29 08:39
Is it possible to restore The Forest Inn, app #10285?
Blondie. Tue Aug 6 13:05
I am the administrator of #######. I have it set up so that the latest post brings the thread to the top of the page. When I delete a message (or more specifically, a reply to a message), it normally brings the thread with the latest post back to the top. It no longer does this. Now when I delete a reply to a message, ... more

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