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Anonymous Sat Feb 4 11:29
I've been trying to set up account however I've received no confirmation email that allows me to complete the process, some help would be appreciated.
kfbyrnes Tue Jan 3 06:58
I am the administrator of a discussion app (#174619, Richmond Shag Club Message Board) but cannot access the control center for the app to make revisions, delete postings, etc. Please advise how to access. Thank you, Kevin Byrnes
salvatore Sun Dec 25 06:51
I had just become a member and I tried to open my site the next day but cannot, what am I doing wrong.
Wyngs Thu Sep 15 07:24
I appear to be unable to put up a background image or even change the color. Here's the relevent lines from my CSS file below. (I Xed out my domain name). Been over this a thousand times without any luck... Thanks in advance, Onson. BODY {padding-left : 1px ; background-image : url( ) ... more
Griz Thu Jun 30 07:15
Even though I changed my email address and updated it, I received no notice of the pending payment as usual. (for three months, or one year, etc) I was without service for a short time however because of a tornado. Please update your info as far as my email address. I would be most happy to pay my normal fees.
InventingJoy Tue Jan 3 05:01
Hi Tamara & Sean, I tried to post this on my forum: Code to copy & paste for pictures: It just shows as a square. Can you tell me what I did wrong & how to do it rright? I can't find a # for my forum. Thx 4 all U do. PUppy love Inventing Joy & Furry Folk
Sean Brunnock Fri May 6 08:14
The DiscApps were down for 7 hours last night. I'm not sure why our safeguards failed. I'm looking into it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
The Wicker Woman Thu Sep 29 11:08
Hi Sean and Tamara, I have been a paid member of the disc app format since 2004, and would desperately like to back up or archive my whole forum. How can I do that, so no posts are lost and I can have access to them no matter what direction you go with this platform in the future? Thanks, my chair caning forum is very ... more
Sean Brunnock Sat May 28 18:16
Our hosting company's network, Linode's, is being attacked and causing the DiscApps to be slow or unresponsive. We think that LInode will resolve the issue. If not, we'll have to move the Discapps to another provider. I'll post updates here when I can.
j.stimson Wed Nov 11, 2015 09:47
The oldest posts on my forum are missing perhaps the first 5000 or so. Why are they missing? Are these retrievable? Is it possible to archive the balance of the posts? Thanks John Stimson
Cathryn Peters Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:19
There is a link on one of my very, very old posts dated Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:33am that's throwing a 404 on my website, because the link posted on my disc app #220033, links incorrectly to a page on my site that is not there. How do I get back to that post to update the link that's directing the viewer back to my... more
Cathryn Peters Sat Oct 3, 2015 18:22
Hi, I have a long time subscriber that can't login at all. Every time she tries, she gets bounced back to the login page and is told to login or register. She has not changed her username or password and has been with me on #220033 for years and years without problems until now. How do we fix this?
Mr. P. Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:13
Tamara, Someone posted empty message on numerous pages on my board. Can these be removed, please? If I could select a page at a time to delete, I could get them off of the site, but the maintenance functions don't allow for this. Please help.
Huinesoron Sat Sep 19, 2015 20:41
Hi Sean & Tamara, Over on #241484, a few people have noticed that the search bar doesn't seem to be working. Whatever you type into the box, clicking 'Search' does absolutely nothing, as if there's no function attached to the button at all. I can't find anything in the Control Center which seems relevant to this, so... more
saiwong Thu Aug 27, 2015 06:58
Hello, Trying to turn this setting off for my forum. I unchecked checkbox and updated and seems to have saved change. Go back to settings and see setting enabled again. Does not seem to be a way to correcly save changes and turn setting off. Could you please look into this, thanks.
Sean Brunnock Wed Sep 2, 2015 09:20
Very sorry about that. Working to prevent this from happening again.
Huinesoron Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:37
Hi, Over at #199610 we are currently being attacked by an unregistered user with an IPv6 IP address. We've reported most messages as abuse and deleted them, but I'm wondering how the IP blocking feature of DiscApps works with IPv6. I know the IP-prefix fields delete the letters and colons used in an IPv6 address,... more Support Thu Jul 30, 2015 17:05
We just migrated the DiscApps to a new server. Please let us know of any issues! Support Thu Apr 9, 2015 11:38
The first entries in threads now show the year if the entry is over a year old.
Rick Jones Thu Mar 26, 2015 15:40
The background color of gold has been missing from our site for several weeks. It's usually only gone a day or two but this time maybe we're an exception. Please advise. Rick

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